Prowall: Building Products for Professionals by Professionals

ProWall manufactures one-coat stucco, surface coatings and expanded polystyrene (EPS) products for builders, fabricators and manufacturers.

Our EPS foam is the building block for a wide variety of products including architectural shapes, drywall backer, sheathing and underlayment, roof insulation and tapers, rigid insulation, insulated concrete forms, sound insulation, voids and forms, structural insulated panels (SIPs), and exterior insulation and finish systems (EIFS).

ProWall manufactures and supplies EPS foam and surface coatings for both commercial and residential applications.

EPS Foam

ProWall EPS foam is durable, versatile, lightweight and energy efficient, making it the ideal choice for a wide variety of construction and manufacturing applications.


ProWall manufactures a line of ideal exterior wall treatment products for residential, commercial, institutional or industrial buildings. Our One Coat Stucco consists of a blend of Portland cement, sand, fibers and special chemicals which produce a very efficient stucco system.

Wall Panels

ProWall's EIFS and T&G panels offer architects and contractors a proven system for building strong, highly insulated and durable buildings. Both offer reduced labor costs and flexibility on the job site. Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS) take that one step further by integrating the foam into building components that "snap" together at the building site.

We manufacture and deliver EPS foam products to customers all over the southwestern United States.

Foam Fabricators

EPS foam is in many ways a "wonder product" with almost limitless applications.

It's the raw material for architectural details that are lightweight and easy to apply. It's perfect for packaging, spa insulation, building surfboards and so much more.

ProWall invites you to look at our line of products. If there's something you don't see, call and ask.

ProWall is big enough to meet your needs, competitive enough to meet your budget and nimble enough to provide the extra measure of customer service you deserve.