Architectural Details

From columns to arches and cornices to window surrounds, high-performance architectural EPS shapes have unlimited design possibilities. ProWall supplies billets of high-quality EPS to fabricators whose products solve construction and design challenges in both residential and commercial buildings.

ProWall sells EPS to fabricators who manufacture a variety of architectural elements. Here a worker in Oxnard, California applies the finishing touches on a window arch.

Just about any shape can be fabricated including: Columns, Caps, Bases, Sills, Wall Caps, Bands Cornices, Arches, Keystones & Quoins, Spheres, Reveals, Logos & Signage and 3-D Shapes. 

Foam is easy to work with and can be formed into just about any shape. Here we see a fireplace mantel fabricated from EPS receiving a coating of [what? stucco? some kind of hardener???]