ProWall Acrylic Bonder

ProWall acrylic bonder is a 100% acrylic polymer admix formulated as a bonder for use between Portland cement-based stucco, plaster, or cement-based mortar and a clean cement-based substrate.

ProWall acrylic bonder can also be used as an admixture when added to a chemical- based mix.  It will improve the adhesive qualities, flexibility, durability and chemical resistance. ProWall acrylic admix will not re-emulsify and dramatically decreases moisture penetration in properly cured mixes.

Product Uses

There are two uses for ProWall acrylic bonder:

  1. As a Bonder:  Use straight from the container by means of a roller, brush or sprayer and applied directly onto a clean, cement-based substrate as a bonding agent.

  2. As an Admixture:  Use 2 quarts of bonder for each 80 lb. bag of one-coat stucco.  Acrylic bonder can also be used to polymer modify stucco, plaster, repair mortars, overlayments and tile thinset and grouts.