ProWall Foam Prep


FoamPrep is a dry polymer modified cementitious material.  It is designed for use as a base coat and/or adhesive for architectural EPS foam shapes and “pop-outs”.  FoamPrep is an ideal base for a variety of finishes including stucco color coat, synthetic stucco or elastomeric coatings.

Product Uses

FoamPrep is designed with two primary uses:


  1. Use FoamPrep as an adhesive to attach EPS foam shapes to a variety of substrates, including cement backer board, poured in place concrete, masonry, brown coat and one-coat stucco and exterior stucco.


  1. Use FoamPrep as a base coat or coating over foam shapes.  When used as a coating, it is recommended that foam shapes be covered with a fiber mesh product for increased resistance to impact.
  2. FoamPrep’s use is not intended to be part of an EIFS system.