Roof Insulation & Tapers


ProWall EPS Flat Roof Insulation offers a high performance, cost effective and high R- Value roof insulation that is compatible with single ply membranes and built up roofing systems.

The fact that EPS is lightweight makes it easy to handle when placing on the roof or during installation. Prowall EPS  Roof Insulation is ideal for use in both new and remodel construction.

ProWall EPS Tapered Roof Insulation provides the same  high performance, cost saving advantages and compatibilities with single ply and built up roofing systems as our Flat Roof Insulation.

Tapered Roof Insulation was designed to insulate flat roof decks and at the same time offer the ability to provide adequate drainage options to avoid potential water damage that can take place as a result poorly drained roofs. ProWall Tapered Roof Insulation can accomplish both objectives.