Surfboard Blanks from White Hot Foam

White Hot Foam is a divison of Prowall that produces a unique new expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam for the surfboard industry. White Hot has developed SS-EPS (Surf Specific–EPS) manufactured specifically for surfboards by its parent company, Prowall.

We worked with veteran board builders in the industry to create a “surf specific” EPS foam that would be second to none.

A Breakthrough for the Surf Industry

For the past 50 plus years the vast majority of surfboards have been built using polyurethane foam of over 3 pounds in density and wrapped in a shell of fiberglass impregnated with polyester resins. When EPS was used in the past, it was very difficult to shape and it absorbed water badly when the board's fiberglass shell was pierced.

The White Hot team worked with veteran board builders in the industry to create a “surf specific” EPS foam that would be second to none before we introduced it to the entire board building community.

Surf blanks are carefully crafted for the needs of our customers.

Two-pound Foam Shapes Beautifully

White Hot Foam’s SS-EPS is currently produced in a true 2 lb. density with the ultimate in consistency and shapes beautifully.

The superior bead fusion in SS-EPS allows it to be laminated without the use of fillers and will not absorb water when dinged. The boards made with SS-EPS are light and lively.


Friendly to the Environment

Manufacturing EPS foam is also more than 80% cleaner environmentally than producing the old polyurethane foam. The epoxy resins used to laminate the fiberglass to the blanks are also far lower in volatile organic contents than the polyester resins used with polyurethane foam.

A large billet of White Hot Foam's "surf specific" EPS is being cut into surfboard blanks by a CAD operated EPS contour-shape cutting machine in Oxnard, California.

White Hot Foam blanks are cut on our CAD operated EPS contour shape cutting machines. We feature basswood stringers for easy shaping and superior feel. We also offer a variety of stringer materials and custom placements as they are requested.

White Hot is currently producing a wide variety of blank sizes and rockers. New sizes are being added to our catalog as we continue to get feedback on the most used and needed models from our customers. Custom rockers may be created on request for volume users.