Void and Fill Foam

Void forms are used in the construction of cast-in-place concrete foundations, theater seating and numerous other applications.

EPS foam is used in road and bridge construction, as shown in this freeway overpass expansion project.

Void forms can provide temporary support for cast-in-place floors, beams and walls until the concrete can support itself on the drilled piles or caissons.

They are also useful in tilt-up construction projects and theater seating, where EPS takes the place of heavier, costly and labor-intensive concrete.

EPS void forms do not absorb moisture from the surrounding enviroment.

Where expansive soils are present, cast-in-place foundations on void forms are a must. The initial cost of a foundation on void is minor compared to the cost of repair and business downtime associated with repair.

ProWall EPS foam is used to fill voids in numerous construction projects, such as this multiplex movie theater. The bulk of the seating is built up from blocks of foam covered with concrete.